6 days later – more tactics, less complexity

Posted by arnaud on February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized |

I’m working on the next set of creatures, and it’s really not that easy!

On one hand, I would like to make it more tactical. That the choice of creatures is important and how you play them crucial as well!

To achieve this, there are many tools at my disposition:

  • multiple attacks/skills
  • “mana” that slowly increases and can be used for more powerful attacks
  • cooldown for attacks
  • damage types (physical, fire, cold, psychic…) and respective resistances/vulnerabilities
  • things like poison, healing, buffing, weaken, etc.
  • auras affecting other creatures in the group
  • more attack types (charging, all front row, allies, …)
  • unique “specials” like a phoenix resurrecting when it dies.

…all these are ways to add diversity and make it hopefully more tactical …but also way more complex! And this is the whole problem. If the games becomes more complex than tactical, it would loose all its appeal. Actually, several players enjoyed and praised the fact that it is simple and intuitive. I strongly believe as well it should stay so.

However, it should also evolve and become more tactical. The question is: what features to take in and which ones to skip? The next challenge is of course to design creatures that can be interestingly combined and fought against.


  • Anonymous says:

    Hey arnaud, I just saw your post on http://playerio.com/forum/payvault/invalid-ipn-postback-from-paypal-merchant-e-mail-t34696

    I’m too lazy to post on the forums so I’ll answer here: You have to make sure your primary e-mail for Paypal is the same as the one you put in payvault.

    So if your primary e-mail is myrealname@email.com, but you put arnaud@creatures-of-gaia.com for your payvault e-mail, it won’t work and will technically be an error. (I think the transaction is considered to be a “fail” at that point.)

    I’m pretty sure this is it anyways. If it’s the case I posted above, I know you probably don’t want your e-mails being forwarded there or something, but the above solution works. I’m not sure if Henrik or someone will come up with someone better.

  • Anonymous says:

    And when it comes to implementing features, consider:
    -Which ones are actually necessary to make the game better? These ones should be implemented, but they’re not URGENT.
    -Which ones are just for fun, or fluff? Skip these
    -Which ones rely on other features that you also need to implement? The development time will increase to implement these

    There are other things to consider of course, but always think of the game from the eyes of the Player ^^ as well as the Developer. After you’ve been working on the same project for half a year, it’s a given you’re probably used to your system and want to throw in things you love from all the games you’ve ever played— but then you’ll probably never finish.

    Draw out some schedules, make some plans. Just keep going ^^

    • arnaud says:

      Hi there!
      Well, I try my best to make the most sound choices. It’s wisely thought out, not some impulsive rush.
      During the first week, the game had bad ratings, showing it was fairly unpopular and probably not enjoyable enough. It wouldn’t even reach a place in the contest. So I basically had two options: either try to polish it on and on, even if the gameplay was a bit frail. Or try to improve the battle mechanics to make the core gameplay more interesting.
      It’s also something that you can’t change later. If you change how battles work, you have to change all the creatures, the tutorial, story pieces perhaps. It’s not just code. …and at some point you can’t go backwards anymore at all.
      So I decided to do it now. To work on making the battles gameplay better rather than risking going on with something that is perhaps not that fun. Yet, I try to be ready for the contest as well, despite all this is very last minute. I already started that path, and I really hope the choices I made to the game mechanics were good ones. But we will see soon, I’ll try to release it this WE! …and rest a little after my 60+ hours/week to manage my daily job on the side.

      • Anonymous says:

        “During the first week, the game had bad ratings, showing it was fairly unpopular and probably not enjoyable enough.”

        I highly doubt this is entirely true. xD I’m pretty sure during the first week it was mainly the other devs downvoting you.

        “Yet, I try to be ready for the contest as well, despite all this is very last minute.”

        Do what you can ^^ From what I’m reading, you still have until the March deadline to fix it up.

        We’re all waiting to see what you’ll come up with. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    And the comment moderation system on your blog is weird, lol

  • Anonymous says:

    This game reminds me of yours at first look ^^ I haven’t played it yet, though


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