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That’s it, the contest is over. Finished. And I’m not in the top ten.

It’s disappointing, for sure, and I spent yesterday with a clouded mood. When facing this, you inevitably wonder “I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousand dollars for it …for what? nothing? was it all wasted effort and money?”

It’s tough. But hey, life goes on and failure is a part of life. We have to accept it, deal with it and stand up. Well, you have to do that and stay strong, else you will indeed remain in a failed state. If Edison did not tried 10.000 times, again and again, to make its light bulb, we would still live in the dark.

So, what’s now? Now I’ll still try to polish it a bit, finish the content and release it ASAP! Even if it’ll be a game landing low, I hope it’ll still make a few souls happy.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Of course it’s going to be hard if you don’t win ^^ No one takes pleasure in losing, and it’s not fun.

    But your rating wasn’t really bad, so if you really do publish it asap I believe you can build up a small community at least.

    And besides, the number one game.. Most of it was “rewritten code” as they said. I think we all know it’s easier to rewrite and fix up something we already have, as opposed to creating something fresh. It’s almost the difference between making a new engine, and just using someone’s API and connecting the pieces you need.
    (-cough- I didn’t like the winner of the contest, and their game kept bugging up on me and it felt like there were horrible memory leaks -cough-)
    It’s not that I’m trying to make you feel better by putting some other game down, it’s just that you have to know you didn’t have all the advantages they did. ^^

    Not a lot of people entered, at least not as many as they said they would have. This is the reality of online contests right now xD There simply aren’t that many competitors unless the host is some big company and has a game convention every year or so. You can always try another contest ^^

    In the end, multiplayer is fun and all, but it’s really hard and yet important to get that dedicated community.

    Good luck in your future of game design/making!

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